Tarrant County Clubhouse

The Tarrant County Clubhouse has limited operating hours. Please view the calendar for in-person and virtual programming details. 

Fort Worth

10840 Texas Health Trail
Suite 120
Fort Worth, Texas 76244

Warm, welcoming places where you can find real support.

At our three comfortable clubhouses, you will find a community where people with cancer, and their families and friends, learn to live with cancer and hopefully beyond it. Our community is a lifeline to strength, hope, support and guidance with a program that gives you the social and emotional support that you need. 

What's Going On In Tarrant County

Membership is absolutely FREE

Whether you’re living with cancer, supporting someone who is, or have lost a loved one to cancer—Join us, become a member, it’s easy and free! As a member of our caring community,  you have access to all of our support services. You’ll find the support that is the best fit for you—support groups, individual counseling, healthy lifestyle classes, educational presentations, cancer resources, etc. You are not alone.