Spanish Programming

CSCNT offers free social, emotional, and educational support in Spanish. These programs include but are not limited to support groups, short-term individual counseling, educational presentations, social events, healthy lifestyle activities, and resources.

Support Groups & Short-term Individual Counseling

Grupo Amigos Unidos is a support group for cancer patients and their families. This group currently meets twice per month. The group meets once per month in-person and once per month virtually on Zoom. Individuals need to be a member of CSCNT to participate in any of our support groups. 

Short-term cancer focused individual counseling is available free to members. Individual counseling and support groups are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals. Counseling sessions can be facilitated in-person at our Dallas Clubhouse or virtually.

Social Events

Social events provide the opportunity to connect with others who understand your experience living with cancer. Some activities change from month-to-month while others occur on an on-going basis.

Healthy Lifestyle Activities

Although the leaders of these groups most often do not speak Spanish, the exercise or movements do not require language and everyone’s invited to participate. Healthy lifestyle activities improve mind/body well-being, reduce stress, and improve overall quality of life during treatment.

Membership is absolutely FREE

Whether you’re living with cancer, supporting someone who is, or have lost a loved one to cancer—Join us, become a member, it’s easy and free! As a member of our caring community,  you have access to all of our support services. You’ll find the support that is the best fit for you—support groups, individual counseling, healthy lifestyle classes, educational presentations, cancer resources, etc. You are not alone.