We Have Programs for Everyone

If you are impacted by cancer, we have a program for you. We know that everyone’s cancer experience is unique and the support you need will be too. Whether you have a diagnosis yourself or are supporting someone with a diagnosis, there are plenty of program activities for you. Support and networking groups, individual counseling, healthy lifestyle activities, social connections, information and education, resources, as well as support for children, teens, and families.

Healthy Lifestyle Activities

Wellness is one of the pillars of Cancer Support Community North Texas’ comprehensive program. Most activities are provided in-person and virtually.

Healthy lifestyle activities improve mind/body wellness, reduce stress, and improve one’s overall quality of life during treatment.

Presentations & Educational Lectures

Educational Presentations at CSCNT are open to all. Presentations offer great information, you will learn new skills and techniques for learning to live with cancer. Information will increase your sense of control and enhance emotional and social well-being.

Presentations are offered either in-person or virtually. 

Social Events

Group activities are an opportunity for members, families, friends, and staff to gather and further a sense of community. These fun events promote connection with people going through a similar experience and can build a sense of belonging. Community is stronger than cancer.

Spanish Programming

Living with cancer is both physically and emotionally challenging. Cancer Support Community North Texas offers a wide selection of free programs and activities to support those with a diagnosis and those who are supporting them.

Please check our Online Calendar for meeting days and times to register.

Membership is absolutely FREE

Whether you’re living with cancer, supporting someone who is, or have lost a loved one to cancer—Join us, become a member, it’s easy and free! As a member of our caring community,  you have access to all of our support services. You’ll find the support that is the best fit for you—support groups, individual counseling, healthy lifestyle classes, educational presentations, cancer resources, etc. You are not alone.