Support & Networking Groups

Support Groups Support groups meet weekly to bring together people with common experiences or concerns. Members provide each other with encouragement, comfort, and a sounding board. Support groups are a safe place to express yourself. [collapse id=”collapse_2″]
[citem title=”Wellness Groups” id=”citem_35″ parent=”collapse_2″] Weekly groups for adult men and women, ranging from those who are newly diagnosed to those with advanced illness; people may be in treatment or have just recently completed treatment and are learning to live with cancer. The mix of newly diagnosed and more experienced members allows all to share a range and variety of issues common to everyone living with cancer. Newcomers receive support from earlier “generations” who become experts for those new to the group, modeling ways of handling issues, helping them to anticipate developments and to learn from the past. Such “experts” themselves enjoy recognition of how far they have come in learning to live with cancer and how much they have to contribute. The term “Wellness” is used to communicate a sense of well-being, social and emotional health; it is not intended to imply that “recovery” is the focus of the program. [/citem]
[citem title=”Family & Friends Groups” id=”citem_47″ parent=”collapse_2″]
Weekly groups for adult family members (family as defined by the member) and friends, supporting a person affected by cancer.
[citem title=”Post Treatment Groups” id=”citem_46″ parent=”collapse_2″]
For adults more focused on “post-cancer” matters than treatment issues. We usually use 18 months after experiencing the side effects of treatment as a general guide to transitioning into Post-Treatment. This group meets twice a month.
[citem title=”Living with Loss” id=”citem_57″ parent=”collapse_2″]
An ongoing support group for people whose loved one has died of cancer.

Networking Groups

Networking groups meet monthly to bring together members who have diagnosis-specific interests. The focus of Networking groups is narrower and more specialized than that of Wellness groups. Many members attend both Networking groups and Wellness groups. [collapse id=”collapse_41″]
[citem title=”Breast Cancer Networking Group” id=”citem_96″ parent=”collapse_41″]

Networking group for individuals with breast cancer. Offered monthly.

[citem title=”Metastatic Cancer Networking Group” id=”citem_97″ parent=”collapse_41″]
Networking group for individuals who have metastatic cancer. Offered twice a month. [/citem]
[citem title=”Teens Connect” id=”citem_98″ parent=”collapse_41″]
A once a month networking group for teens ages 13-17 who have a family member with cancer. Teens come together to talk, have fun and find support from peers whose lives have also been impacted by cancer.  Please call the Noogieland Coordinator for more information.
[citem title=”Lymphedema Networking Group” id=”citem_99″ parent=”collapse_41″]
A networking group for individuals dealing with lymphedema after breast cancer. Meet other people who are facing similar challenges. This is an opportunity to learn from others and gain support. This group meets once monthly.
[citem title=”Pretty ‘n Pink” id=”citem_31″ parent=”collapse_41″]

African American women’s breast cancer survivor group held at CSCNT. For more information, please contact Gail Winn at (214) 810-2546.

[citem title=”Sisters Networking Group” id=”citem_75″ parent=”collapse_41″]

African American women’s breast cancer survivor group held at CSCNT. For more information, please contact Zolean Bruner at (214) 356-6414 or


All CSC groups are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals.

Please see the CSCNT online calendar for meeting days and times or contact your local clubhouse for assistance.

Looking for support that is not offered by the groups listed above? Contact our Cancer Resource Specialist at (214) 345-8230.