Volunteer tai chi instructor supports all abilities

Ronda Miles likes volunteering as a tai chi instructor at CSCNT because she can cater the class to people living with cancer who have diverse abilities.

“Many health classes aren’t necessarily made for people with cancer, so that’s the unique thing we provide at CSCNT,” Ronda says. “We go slow, and anyone can show up at any time at any level.”

Ronda also understands what other participants are going through as a survivor of skin and breast cancer. She is both a volunteer and member at CSCNT.

“While living with cancer, tai chi has brought me peace, flexibility and helped lower my blood pressure, and I enjoy passing that on to other people,” Ronda says.

As a member, Ronda also has participated in mindfulness classes, art workshops, education presentations and the breast cancer support group. As someone who is post-treatment, she attends the support group to help add perspective for those newly diagnosed. Along the way, she’s also made new friends.

“CSCNT is a great organization that I enjoy supporting,” Ronda says. “It’s important to have volunteers who are willing to help out and is a great way to meet people.”

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