Javier and April Sauceda: CSCNT ‘feels like family’

While undergoing treatment for colon cancer, Javier Sauceda became depressed and didn’t want to do anything. When he started coming to Cancer Support Community North Texas, his outlook on life changed.

“CSCNT made me feel better about myself and helps you know that there’s more to you than cancer,” Javier says. “The people at CSCNT make me feel more at ease because they’re dealing with the same situation physically and mentally.”

First participating in CSCNT’s individual counseling, Javier eventually joined the Spanish language Amigos Unidos group, tai chi and holiday social events. When medical bills caused him to struggle financially, CSCNT connected him with resources to help pay for essential expenses. Javier’s wife April Sauceda also joins him in the support group and other activities. They have taken their granddaughter to movie nights, bingo and to see a mariachi band at the Dallas clubhouse.

“When it comes to deeper, personal things, Javier seems to do better in Spanish, which makes Amigos Unidos so valuable,” April says. “I started going with him, and it helps me to hear other people talk about what they’re going through.”

Javier and April’s stress is eased at tai chi classes. “It’s a no pressure thing that doesn’t have to do with the family, bills, household or things that cause us anxiety,” April says. “We’ve had a lot of trauma in our family, and I spend a lifetime trying to find peace within, and that’s what CSCNT has done for me. It’s going to bring tears to my eyes how CSCNT provides an easy moment, an easy day.”

Javier appreciates not only receiving support, but also providing advice to others who just started their treatment. It’s been eight years since his initial diagnosis.

“CSCNT is the best thing you can do after a cancer diagnosis,” Javier says. “They have a lot of good resources, a lot of good people and once you get involved, you feel like they’re family.”