Finding Myself Again at Cancer Support Community North Texas

By Aubrey Craft Jr.

Next to a conspicuous red door in letters at least two feet high are the words, If you are living with cancer, you are not alone.” I often pause at those words on my way into the Cancer Support Community North Texas Dallas clubhouse and reflect on how much this community has changed my life.

When I first walked through that beautiful red door, I was a hot mess. I was hot, well … because August in Texas. I was a mess because my diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer had shifted the very foundations upon which my entire “sense of self” rested. I felt traumatized, anxious, discouraged, alone. Worst of all, I could not stop crying!

After an initial interview with the clubhouse manager (while clutching a box of tissue of course), a counselor strongly encouraged me to attend some of the activities they offered. I decided to attend the weekly yoga classes. These inspirational yoga classes have helped me to remember my sense of self-worth and spirituality again. I feel less isolated, less anxious, more patient, more hopeful. I feel like I am more engaged in life as well as my own personal belief systems again. In summation, I am now able to see beyond my self-induced “shell shock” and “tunnel vision” (to mix metaphors).

I look forward to my weekly visits to the clubhouse not just for the yoga, but for the welcoming space. There are private rooms you can go into if you need to hide from the world, read for a bit, doodle, scream into a pillow. The staff truly make you feel welcome, appreciated, and understood … and they have snacks, cookies, and coffee!

This is just one example (out of many) of how the support community is helping me to process and heal from the trauma of my cancer diagnosis. The encouragement I receive there weekly has been invaluable in my recovery process. I am truly grateful for all the love and support I have found at Cancer Support Community North Texas.

Learn more about CSCNT support groups, and view the calendar for our full program offerings, including yoga and other healthy lifestyle activities.