CSCNT donor, participant understands value of cancer support services

Jim Crawford doesn’t think he would have made it without the counseling and support he’s received at Cancer Support Community North Texas.

“I was initially pretty screwed up when my wife died of breast cancer, so I started participating in the Living with Loss support group at CSCNT,” Jim says. “I was feeling all alone, but sitting in a room with people who were all going through grief made a big difference. It helped me with acceptance and going on with life.”

Along with the support group, Jim also benefitted from individual counseling. These experiences motivated him to become a regular CSCNT donor since 2011.

“I want to give back for all the CSCNT counseling I received for free and help others going through similar circumstances,” Jim says.

He also understands what it’s like to be a cancer patient, as he went through treatment for prostate cancer and is now in remission. While Jim’s cancer was caught early and he didn’t feel the need to attend CSCNT’s Living with Cancer support groups, he knows why these groups are a critical resource for others.

In addition to giving a recent gift this spring and being a longtime regular contributor, Jim has participated in CSCNT’s annual fundraising event, the Red Tie Gala, which is happening this year on November 2 at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

Jim says another benefit of CSCNT is how our Cancer Resource Specialist connects people with cancer and their families to financial resources, which is a great need due to high medical costs. That’s why CSCNT is committed to providing emotional and social support services for free thanks to generous donors like Jim.

“CSCNT helps people get mentally prepared for what’s coming ahead and takes them through the recovery and back into the world at large,” he says. “I’ve benefitted so much from the great well of knowledge and support I received.”

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