Board Member Spotlight: Dave Ashworth

Meet our Board Chair, Dave Ashworth

How did you first become affiliated with CSCNT?

Candidly, I was asked to come onto the board in the 2007 timeframe based on my healthcare background and experience and to help develop their strategic plan. My response was, I am honored but, “Who are you?”. I then went to meet CSCNT’s then co-chairs, the CEO, and the Program Director, and was blown away to learn what/who CSCNT is and the important programs and services CSCNT provides to anyone impacted by cancer. I was embarrassed that as a health care professional and health system executive; I had no idea such a service existed in our community. I am still on the board (after having to roll off for term limits a few times). One of my primary goals, beyond fulfilling our Mission and making our programs and services more accessible, is to increase awareness of CSCNT and what we do, throughout north Texas. People impacted by cancer may not chose to avail themselves of our services, but they won’t say, as I often hear, “I wish I knew you all existed when I needed you”.

Do you have a personal testimonial as to how CSCNT has improved the cancer experience for yourself, or a loved one? If not, what about that of a member you are aware of?

A few years before I learned about CSCNT, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, 23 years ago. She’s doing great! Some cancer care providers see treatment of the disease as focusing almost exclusively on the cancer diagnosis and treatment: surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. During our experience, no one told us about CSCNT, nor was there literature in the many waiting rooms we visited. Cancer care models are beginning to appreciate the benefits of treatment plans that are oriented towards the addressing the needs of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Complimenting CSCNT’s dedicated staff that includes a number of licensed professionals, CSCNT has a number of partnerships with likeminded medical and health care professionals. We refer to it as our “Circle of Care”.

In what ways is your skill set and experience used on the BOD at CSCNT?

More often than not, though I do get surprised occasionally, I think I understand the healthcare system and respect folks and organizations dedicated to caring for people in the communities we serve. What CSCNT does, providing psychosocial, emotional and educational programs and services to the community (at no cost to the recipient) is a critical aspect of a more wholistic cancer care model. I hope my background, experience and ability to bring like-minded people together can help advance such a coordinated, integrated and compassionate cancer care model.

What are you most EXCITED about regarding the plans for CSCNT over this next year?

First and foremost, to make people (community members, businesses, health care and medical professionals, payers, and others) aware of who we are and what we do. Then when someone impacted by cancer comes to CSCNT, we exceed their expectations as to the comforting, calming, at times sad and even fun experience it is to come to CSCNT. Cancer sucks. Not just for the one diagnosed but for so many impacted by a cancer diagnosis of a loved one, a friend, a colleague at work or one’s place of worship, etc. Our aspiration is that no one faces cancer alone.

What positive changes would you like to see take place at the organization?

Increased awareness of who we are and what we do throughout north Texas; a physical presence in Fort Worth (CSCNT currently provides services through our “Clubhouses” in Alliance, Plano and Dallas), increasing access to our programs and services through partnerships for outreach into communities in need, and a long-term sustainable funding strategy to support a plan for growth, outreach and improved access throughout north Texas.