Cancer Support Community North Texas


Presentations provide opportunities for acquiring great information, new skills, tools, and techniques for learning to live with cancer. Information increases one’s sense of control of one’s life and consequently enhances emotional and social well-being. Since all presentations take place at the clubhouse, members build mutual emotional and social support together by sharing a variety of activities over time and in the same place.

Typical presentations open to the public:

  • “Ask the Experts” – Diagnosis specific panel presentations
  • The Role of Complementary Therapies in Cancer Treatment
  • Sexuality and Cancer
  • Talking to Your Children About Cancer
  • Cancer as a Catalyst for Change
  • Current Developments in Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer etc.
  • Managing the Side Effects of Treatment
  • Fighting Cancer with Nutrition
  • Living with Neuropathy
  • What you Need To Know About Social Security and Disability
  • Emotions and Cancer
  • Genetics and Cancer 

Typical presentations available for members only:

  • Exercise After Breast Surgery
  • Journaling the Journey
  • Expressive Art Workshops: Painting, Scrapbooking, Mosaics
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Yoga/ Tai Chi/ Qi Gong/ General Exercise
  • Guided Visual Imagery for Relaxation
  • Make-up, Hair, Wig Workshops
  • Zumba
  • Diet and Nutrition

These activities are meant to be of broad interest to people with cancer and family members, and to cover a wide range of topics. They will be as interactive as possible, with members exchanging information and perspectives. Lectures and Workshops take place exclusively in the clubhouse; popular topics are repeated, and new topics are introduced regularly.

If you are looking for scheduled presentations, check out the calendar of events.