Cancer Support for Kids & Teens


Noogieland is the playful name for our youth program at Cancer Support Community North Texas. The name is just silly enough to make perfect sense to children. Noogieland is a place where children and teens who have a loved one with cancer, have cancer themselves or have experienced a loss due to cancer can gather for support.

Kids who have cancer in their lives often feel alone, confused and anxious. Research shows that kids who are impacted by cancer feel less isolated and fearful when they meet other children and families coping with a similar situation.

Noogieland offers many opportunities for kids to meet other kids who have been affected by cancer too. Noogieland is filled with stimulating toys and art supplies used by Cancer Support Community staff to customize play and support activities.  While children enjoy their time in Noogieland, their parents, family members, and friends can participate in their own clubhouse activities. Below we have listed our current Noogieland program offerings:

Kid Support

A 6-week support group for children (ages 4-12) who have a family member with cancer or who have cancer themselves. The group offers children the opportunity to make friends and learn skills to help them live with the stresses of cancer. Please call 214-345-8230 for more information.

Grief Busters

A 6-week support group for children (ages 4-12) who have had a loved one or friend die from cancer. This group offers children a chance to connect with other children who have experienced loss. Each meeting will offer a chance to process difficult emotions and thoughts in a safe and supportive environment in addition to structured activities and therapeutic crafts. Please call (214) 345-8230 for more information.

Teens Connect

A once a month networking group for teens ages 13-17 who have a family member with cancer. Teens come together to talk, have fun and find support from peers whose lives have also been impacted by cancer.  Please call (214) 345-8230 for more information.[

Noogie Nights

Supervised play time for children whose caregivers are attending adult activities. Offered during select activities and events. Please call 48 hours in advance to register your child.

Super Saturdays

Cancer affects the whole family. Our monthly Super Saturday events provide an opportunity for kids, parents and caregivers to have family time away from the daily stress of dealing with a cancer diagnosis or loss. It also gives families a chance to be with other families who understand what it is like to be going through a similar situation. Some examples of events include: Noogiefest (our annual Halloween party), Summer Kick-Off Party, and a Holiday Party.  Check the calendar for this month’s Super Saturday event.  Call (214) 345-8230 for more information.

Camp Noogie

A summer day camp for children whose lives have been touched by cancer. Camp Noogie is a social time for kids to come to Cancer Support Community, meet new friends, learn new things, and have some fun! Each day kids will enjoy lots of different activities including art projects, cooking classes, music lessons, sports instruction and more.