Bereavement Support

Learn more about bereavement support offered by Cancer Support Community North Texas here.   [collapse id=”collapse_34″]
[citem title=”Living with Loss” id=”citem_38″ parent=”collapse_34″]
An ongoing support group for people whose loved one has died of cancer.
[citem title=”Bereavement” id=”citem_25″ parent=”collapse_34″]
A six-week, structured grief support group for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one to cancer. Topics discussed include myths of grief, feelings of loss, clichés of grief, and healing through the holidays and special occasions.
[citem title=”Grief Busters” id=”citem_86″ parent=”collapse_34″]
A six-week support group for children, school-aged through 12, who have had a loved one or friend die from cancer.

Please call your local clubhouse for more information on upcoming dates for these workshops or check out the monthly calendar of events.