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Breast Reconstruction

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on Breast Reconstruction

Cancer Treatments

Frankly Speaking About Cancer Treatments and Side Effects Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on New Discoveries Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Cancer Drug Shortages Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Your Immune System & Cancer Treatment


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Support from a Distance Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Ten Tips for Caregivers Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Breast Cancer Caregiver Guide Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Caregiver Guide, Spanish Edition

Clinical Trials

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on New Discoveries Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Your Immune System & Cancer Treatment

Cost of Cancer Care

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Coping with the Cost of Care

Living Healthy

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Living Healthy with Cancer

New Discoveries

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on New Discoveries Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Your Immune System & Cancer Treatment

Side Effect Management

Frankly Speaking About Cancer Treatments and Side Effects  

By Type of Cancer


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Brain Tumors


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Metastatic Breast Cancer Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on Breast Reconstruction Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Breast Cancer Caregiver Guide Tips For Health Care Providers Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Breast Cancer BRCA Fact Sheet Essentials Brochure


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Lynch Syndrome Fact Sheet


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on Liver Cancer


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Lung Cancer Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Your Immune System & Lung Cancer Treatment Lung Cancer Fact Sheet


Framing Life With Lymphoma: Everyday Support Framing Life With Lymphoma: At Diagnosis Framing Life With Lymphoma: During and After Treatment Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Lymphoma


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Metastatic Melanoma Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Your Immune System and Melanoma Treatment Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Melanoma

Metastatic Breast

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Metastatic Breast Cancer Tips For Health Care Providers Metastatic Breast Cancer: Resources and Support Help Prepare for Your Doctor’s Visit: Worksheet for Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Multiple Myeloma

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on Multiple Myeloma


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Myelofibrosis


BRCA Fact Sheet Essentials Brochure Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Ovarian Cancer


Skin Cancer

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma]]>

Laughter Yoga… ha!

Man LaughingLaughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga was developed in 1995 by a cardiologist from Mumbai, India, Dr. Madan Kataria. It has since become a worldwide phenomenon with thousands of Laughter Clubs in over 70 countries. Laughter Yoga is a very joyful and healing experience that anyone can participate in and reap the many physical and mental benefits. Laughter has been scientifically proven to: reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels, suppress the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol and release endorphins. Laughter Yoga is being used as therapy to reduce stress in individuals with cancer, Alzheimers, depression, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and many more debilitating diseases. In business Laughter Yoga benefits include increased creativity, mental clarity, increases production, enthusiasm and team building.

Sumer Wassef, our presenter for our Complementary Therapies panel,  is a licensed baccalaureate Social Worker,  licensed professional counselor and a certified laughter yoga leader. She has worked over 20 years providing services to people in crisis. Sumer currently works as a Counselor for the Texas Department of Public Safety. Sumer has a love for laughter and making others laugh in order to reduce stress and improve morale. Sumer was trained in Laughter Yoga by Mandie Navarro, the owner of Universal Laughter Yoga.

Videos Laughter Yoga on BBC News with John Cleese Laughter Yoga on CNN, Medical Research with Dr. Lee Burk, Loma Linda University

Sign up for laughter yoga Saturday, December 12th at the Dallas clubhouse by clicking here.


What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a safe, effective ancient Japanese Art of Healing.

The meaning of the word REIKI:  REI-KI

REI: describes the universal, total, all-encompassing aspect of energy that surrounds all living things. [non-physical energy]

KI: describes universal physical energy. Life energy in an individual.

This word is used to describe the practice of sending energy for the purpose of creating conscious reconnection between the partial (physical) and universal (non-physical) life energy in an individual.

Reiki is a method used to actuate this conscious reconnection and balancing of physical and non-physical energy within an individual body. Rei and Ki are harmonized on the heart plane and expressed from the heart to bring about a conscious synchronizing and harmonizing of living cells and energy within an individual.

SO REIKI IS:  The ancient Japanese Art of healing.

  • The laying on of hands, for the purposes of healing with life energies.
  • The pulsing electricity and life force energy of the universe, our physical, mental and emotional bodies, our solar system and this earth we live on.
  • Guidance from the highest intelligence of all.
  • Similar to a battery charger, Reiki boosts the electrical/energetic system of the human body.
  • Is not affiliated with any type of religious belief.
  • Heightens the ability for one human being to connect with another through naturally occurring energy channels within the body, in the deepest of ways.
  • The laying on of hands, for the purposes of healing.
  • Healing energy, channeled with the intention of healing one’s self first and then others.
  • A complimentary technique that will enhance any medical treatment. It does not take the place of medical treatments.
  • An energetic healing Art, backed up and profoundly validated by scientists through multiple studies.  


Reiki is no longer considered the Woo Woo world of magic it once was. In the past ten year’s scientists have profoundly validated our understanding of many of the ancient healing Art’s. “Classical physics and Quantum physics” are both necessary to describe the world around us and the ways in which Reiki and healing energy’s work. A phenomenal amount of interesting experiments have been Preformed throughout the ages. Starting in 1642 with Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), through the ages with scientist like Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Max Planck (1858-1947), Erwin Schroedinger (1887-1961) Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976), in the 1980s, by scientists working independently in Germany and the United States, in 1950’s by Franklin Loer, more recent experiments by the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, (see Messages from water by Masaru Emoto.) This bring us to present day science and Quantum Physics. Now that science has woken up to this new understanding, there are thousands of scientist’s exploring the affect the electromagnetic frequencies of prayer / positive thinking and negative thought and the affects they  have on the frequencies of the human Mind and Body. The point is, we now know that human thought and human intent effect electron behavior. Since every chemical and neural process in the human body involves the activity of electrons, we see that our bodily functions are not simple matters of traditional chemistry and classical physics. They are mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. So we now know the “mind-body connection” is through the electrons. So the next time someone tells you Reiki doesn’t work or is silly Woo Woo, you can tell them, it’s simple science, physics and Quantum Physics. You can also say, it’s now been profoundly proven in countless experiments throughout hundreds of years. It’s now accepted as fact by modern day science and Quantum physics.

Reiki is a wonderful way to release, relax, detoxify and heal, emotionally and physically, that brings about peace within the body and mind.



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Letter from the CEO

Time to get busy – or not?

Here come our beautiful cooler, crisper north Texas days. It’s that time of year – time to get busy! Suddenly we’re thinking about Thanksgiving, the upcoming holidays and the end of the year. We rush to future planning and start our lists of things to do; the food to be cooked, the ingredients to gather, the people to invite, the house to clean, the gifts to buy, the day the sales start – let’s get it in gear! And when it’s all over we often just collapse exhausted into our chairs or onto our beds, too tired to actually enjoy the happiness this time of year offers.

WEB-0830What we really could do, according to Benedictine monk, David Steindl-Rast, is slow things down, be in the moment, look where we’re going, and above all – be grateful. If we can do this, what we get in return is happiness! So with Thanksgiving fast approaching, maybe we could try something new this year. Let’s slow things down a bit, give David’s formula for happiness a try and let’s see what happens. See David’s TED talk here.

All of us at Cancer Support Community North Texas have so much for which we are thankful. We’re grateful for everyone who walks through our red doors every day; our members, their families and friends, for our talented, dedicated staff, for our committed and engaged Board members, Committee members and Young Leadership Board, for our generous donors and many community partners, for our wonderful volunteers, for the support of a great headquarters team.

A heartfelt thank you to each of you – you help us pursue our vision that no one should have to face cancer alone – we wish you and yours a wonderful, and very happy Thanksgiving!

Warmest regards,


Mirchelle Louis



Love, Trust and Pixie Dust featuring our CEO

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Straight from the reporter, Leslie Green:

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, the sheer number and magnitude of emotions is staggering. I know firsthand. The medical side of things could not be more important, but often, it’s the emotional side of cancer that is pushed to the back-burner. Today we are here to learn about an international organization that you cannot afford not to know about. This organization provides support for your every cancer need that falls outside of the realm of the medical—they provide the gold standard of cancer support for all things emotional and psychological for you AND your loved ones after a cancer diagnosis. Join me in welcoming Mirchelle Louis, CEO of the North Texas Cancer Support Community, just one of many CSC facilities that can be found around the world. Come learn how to take the first step in healing the emotional side of cancer.

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