Importance of Yoga for Cancer Patients

The Importance of Yoga for Cancer Patients [embed][/embed] “Cancer patients who practice yoga as therapy during their treatment often refer to their yoga practice as a life-saver. No matter how sick from treatments and no matter how little energy, many find that the one thing that would bring relief were a gentle set of therapeutic yoga poses geared for cancer patients. When battling cancer, the worst part is not just the symptoms of the disease itself, but often the discomfort and debilitating fatigue brought on from cancer treatments. Whether faced with the scar-tissue of surgery or ongoing nausea and weakness from chemotherapy or radiation, cancer patients endure a long road of physical trials…” Read more at Yoga U.

Collin County Clubhouse: Chair Yoga with Judith on Thursdays Dallas County Clubhouse: Yoga with Jennifer (above) on Tuesdays Tarrant County Clubhouse: Yoga with Douglas on Wednesdays   To learn more about CSCNT’s wellness classes, including yoga, please click here.

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