Dominoes Help Create Community

“Ready to play dominoes?” If you’re around the clubhouse on a Monday evening, this is the most important question of the night! Dedicated volunteers Cathy Susie and Heather Barthlow have been playing dominoes with members since 2012, and they have even roped a new recruit, Whitney Hanlon, into the fun! The game is the same every week, but it’s not the score that’s important. The friendships that have been formed over this year have seen every member at the table through ups and downs, happiness and heartache, and even a clubhouse move! “I know we’ve finished our volunteer hours, but can we come in and play dominoes with the guys? We miss them!” asked Heather as soon as CSC reopened in April after relocating. Relationships are at the core of CSC’s mission, and we know the benefits those special connections bring to our members, volunteers, and staff. Did you know?

  • The estimated value of volunteer time for 2012 is $22.14 per hour.
  • Volunteers at CSC contribute over 3,000 hours of service each year.
  • CSC is the 3rd largest volunteer placement for the Junior League of Dallas.