CSC General Wishlist

List of Common Supplies Needed for Ongoing Operations [toggle title=”Kitchen Supplies”]

  • Coffee Cups
  • Plastic Drinking Cups – 16 oz and 8 oz
  • Plastic Knives/Forks/Spoons
  • Paper Napkins
  • Paper Plates – large and small sizes
  • Paper Towels
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Office Supplies”] Print Cartridges for HP DeskJet 3050 Copy Paper White (Letter and Legal) Assorted Colors (Letter) File folders 1/3 cut Yellow Blue Red Orange Purple Legal Pads Mechanical Pencils Black or Blue Pens Individually Packaged Items Snacks Chips Cookies Crackers Fruit Snacks Juice Boxes Nuts Granola Bars Fresh Fruit [/toggle] [toggle title=”Noogieland Supplies”] Large rolls of Butcher paper (white) Model Magic Modeling Clay or Plasticine Music CDs that are good for teens Paint brushes with fine tips Self Hardening Clay (no bake) Train set Hot wheels cars Board games for children 4-8 [/toggle] [toggle title=”Gift Cards”] Target Wal-Mart Sam’s Office Depot Michael’s Grocery Stores Gas Cards [/toggle] [toggle title=”Art Supplies”] Paint (Acrylic, Watercolor, Tempura) Paint Brushes Canvases (Any Size) Small Scrapbooks Scrapbooking Supplies [/toggle]  ]]>