Cancer Support Community North Texas

Volunteer of the Month: Kathleen Groppe

Nov 20


my photoKathleen Groppe likes to describe herself as a scientist and world traveler turned ranch manager and jewelry designer. She can now add “breast cancer survivor” to her description.

In July of 2016, as a result of her annual mammogram, Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the subsequent year, she had a biopsy, CAT scan, MRI, genetic analysis, and three surgeries. She first had a lumpectomy, then a double mastectomy, followed by reconstructive surgery. Kathy’s ongoing treatment includes frequent visits with her exceptional medical team including her cancer surgeon, plastic surgeon, and oncologist.

Another important part of her cancer care regime is her attendance at various activities hosted by Cancer Support Community North Texas (CSCNT). In addition to attending wellness symposiums whenever possible, Kathleen teaches a monthly class on the art of jewelry making to cancer patients and survivors at CSCNT. She views her service as “Art Therapy” a notion reaffirmed by the participants in her classes.

Kathy’s life been touched by an outpouring of love and compassion from family, friends, and even strangers following her cancer diagnosis. She has experienced growth and healing in her closest relationships and feels better physically, emotionally, and spiritually today due in part to the adoption of a healthier diet, a new exercise regime and by putting greater focus on her emotional well being and spiritual life. Kathy has embraced the power of gratitude and is thankful for each day. In addition to miscellaneous volunteer activities Kathy also designs a “life affirming” collection of hand made greeting cards.