Cancer Support Community North Texas

Volunteer of the Month: Caren Lock

Jan 30


I got involved with Cancer Support Community North Texas when it was still Gilda's Club House many years ago. Cancer is personal to me because my aunt got breast cancer in her 30's so it has always loomed over me and my mother's consciousness.  In the Chinese culture, cancer is still a taboo word. We must speak it and talk about it to encourage prevention and compassionate treatment. I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and have been teaching since 2010.  I only teach yoga as a volunteer and not for money.  I teach because I want to share my passion with the students. You can say it is almost selfish because I get so much joy seeing the students' accomplishments over time and their excitement as they advance in their physical practice.  I always leave the class lighter than when I walked in. We have fun in yoga class and do not take ourselves very seriously. Hope to see all of you in one of the yoga classes! Namaste.

Caren Lock

CKL headshot 2016