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Aug 03


Ask for help!

Easier said than done, right? What if people say no? What will my friends think? I don’t want to impose my problems on others? I don’t want to tell people my business. My friends won’t want to help? How do I begin to ask?

When dealing with an unexpected illness such as cancer asking for help is usually at the bottom of the list when prioritizing your needs. In some situations you may not know what kind of help you will need. In other cases you don’t really know how to ask for the help. There are some great resources to help you ask for help and hopefully lessen your anxiety.

Personal Webpages

There are several companies that offer the ability to create your own webpage to help you. They offer several benefits:

· Allows you to upload a calendar of appointments and needs requests (Your friends can sign up to help you fulfill your needs)

· In many cases friends and family may want to help but don’t know how and sometimes might wait for you to reach out before helping. Providing tangible tasks is a great way to have your support help you.

· As your needs change you can update the webpage to explain your requests.

· You can communicate to friends and family about your progress at once instead of having to update everyone individually.

· You are able to control who can view your blog and posts

· Some websites offer the ability to set up a crowdfunding website or link it to help with your medical costs.

In some circumstances friends and family may not be close by. Just because they are not near doesn’t mean they can’t help.

· If the doctor allows can they conference call when you visit the doctor so they can help you with note taking

· If they are good with organization and talking on the phone would they be willing to help you stay organized with bills and health insurance paperwork (If so add them as a person who can speak on your behalf when calling insurance or clinics so they can advocate for you.)

· Might they be able to contribute to the crowdfunding to help with expenses?

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“Ask for help. Not because you are weak. But because you want to remain strong.” ~Les Brown

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