Cancer Support Community North Texas

Volunteer of the Month: Meet Brianna

Feb 13


My name is Brianna Alvarez, I am an intern this semester here at Cancer Support Community. I am 23 years old and I have a precious baby boy. I am currently enrolled at Texas Woman’s University and will be graduating this May with my bachelor’s of science degree in Health Studies. I hope to become a program planner or public health official focusing on bettering our community. My time here at Cancer Support Community so far has been the greatest experience I’ve come across. I’ve had the honor of creating relationships and learning from some of the most amazing people. I only hope to retain what I’ve learned from all of the amazing people from Cancer Support Community and utilizing it from now on as a mother and as a servant to the community.

As an Intern here at Cancer Support Community, I spend my time greeting and meeting our members and new members. I try my best to serve as a resource for our new members and potential new members about our amazing and supportive organization. I enjoy answering phone calls and making reminder calls for members. I love to encourage members to sign up for upcoming events and scheduling them for future activities, exercises, classes, and group sessions. I work efficiently at organizing around the clubhouse, filing and making copies. I’ve spent much time updating, organizing, and ordering for the resource center so that our members may read updated cancer related information. I also feel very productive while I am preparing the rooms for activities/events that we have scheduled throughout the day. I am happy to make our members feel at home by preparing the refreshments and encouraging our members to help themselves to the pastries, coffee, tea, and water. I love conversing with our members and getting to know their stories and enjoying their personalities and presence in the clubhouse. I’ve been granted the privilege of leading my own activity this April, and hope that our members are able to interact and have fun during this arts and craft presentation. Finally, my ultimate purpose and hopes at the end of the day are that I am making at least a small yet positive and lasting impact for our members here at the Cancer Support Community.